Froth Au Lait

Professional Elite Milk Frother

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Froth Au Lait Professional Elite Milk Frother - Black

Create delicious coffee drinks using hot milk and froth when you try the Froth Au Lait Professional Elite Milk Frother (FALN-S10). This 2 cup frother enables you to make froth for up to 6 people, so you can serve your friends and family with ease. The Froth Whip technology allows you to pour any type of milk you'd like - from soy to whole - and use the milk to make delicious froths, and the fully automatic frother doesn't need you to do anything except push the on button when you are ready for it to froth. You can also add in flavored syrup to the built-in flavor hatch at the top, so you can keep your froth and hot milk tasting delicious.

A four (4) minute brew time ensures that all of the milk will be frothed and heated to perfection, so you can relax while the frother does its thing. When the four (4) minutes are up, the frother automatically shuts off to prevent it from staying on too long and possibly overheating. The built-in heater ensures that the froth is nice and creamy, and the milk is heated to perfection without the use of steam. This frother is versatile, as it can also make hot chocolates and chai tea for those who would rather have perfectly-crafted, non-caffeinated drinks, and the entire frothing unit is NSF approved for commercial use. Perfect for any household kitchen, this frother will help transform your coffee drinks into perfection.

  • Fully Automatic:

    This frother does not require you to do the work; the fully automatic machine creates the froth by itself in four (4) minutes

  • Flavor Hatch:

    A built-in flavor hatch enables you to pour flavored syrup into the mix to create great-tasting froth every time

  • Makes Hand-Crafted Drinks:

    Able to make more than froth, this machine can also create hot chocolates and chai teas for those who don't drink caffeine