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Gaggia for Illy Espresso Maker - Black

Satisfy your cravings for a rich, bold espresso when you use the Gaggia for Illy Espresso Maker (105399). This light, compact espresso machine delivers you fresh-roasted espresso even when tucked in away in the small areas of your kitchen or bar. The removable water filter holds up to a large 34 ounces of water and is easily refillable, while the built-in water filter uses a four step filtration system to remove any sediments and impurities for fresh, clean-tasting coffee every time.

The exterior, made of a durable ABS plastic, has a sleek but modern look and will complement any kitchen - no matter the decor. The user-friendly controls feature a push-button operation that is simple to operate and makes your hot drinks fast, eliminating the hassle of some of those over-complicated espresso machine models. The cup holder & drip tray can be positioned in two (2) different ways, so you can use either your small or large cups for your coffee or latte. Ideal for the coffee lover in your family or among your friends, this coffee machine will be sure to brighten their day every morning.

  • Simple Operation:

    Push-button operation means that you won't need to figure out how to use an over-complicated machine: just press the button and wait

  • Compact Size:

    Able to fit in the smallest of spaces, this coffee maker does not take up much room and can be easily stored away

  • Water Filtration:

    The four step filtration system ensures that the water you use for your coffee is free of any sediment and impurities