Koga 10 Piece Cutlery Set

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Ginsu Koga 10 Piece Cutlery Set

The Ginsu Koga 10 Piece Cutlery Set (07150) offers a multifunctional knife set that will make a nice addition to any kitchen cutlery collection. Ginsu created this cutlery set with the idea of "classical elegance" in mind. The overall appearance of these knives adheres to this idea as they utilize sleek black handles with artistically etched patterns, mated with sturdy Japanese steel blades. The handles themselves are ergonomic in design so that they fit smoothly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, and each handles material is made from heat and water resistant resin that makes them both durable and easy to clean.

At the end of every handle is a stainless steel cap that offers a smooth rounded exterior and further enhances the appearance of the knives. The blades are made with forged Japanese steel that is known for being rust and stain resistant, and are able to hold an extremely sharp edge. This cutlery set includes, a knife sharpener, utility knife, slicer, cleaver, paring knife, chef knife, shears, santoku knife, and a bread knife, all housed in a richly grained bamboo block that brings a classic Asian appearance into your kitchen. The Ginsu Koga 10 Piece Cutlery Set is a knife set that is designed to be elegant and aesthetically pleasing, while harnessing extremely sharp and specialized blades that are sure the be a great addition to your kitchen cutlery collection.

  • Ergonomic Handles:

    These handles are designed to fit smoothly and comfortably in the palm of your hand and made with heat and water resistant resin that ensures your handles are as durable as they are comfortable

  • Japanese Steel:

    Rust and stain resistant steel is harnessed to make the blades on each of these knives and is able to hold an incredibly sharp edge.

  • Grained Bamboo Block:

    The knives are held in a solid, grained bamboo block that is both classically styled and fully functional


  • Model: 07150
    Ginsu Koga 10 Piece Cutlery Set
  • Brand: Ginsu
  • Cleaver
    Utility Knife
  • Paring Knife
    Etched patterns
  • Chef Knife
    Stain & rust resistant
  • Santoku Knife
    Ergonomic handles
  • Bread Knife
    Japanese steel
  • Bamboo block
    Water & heat resistant handles
  • Sharpening steel
    Dimensions: 15" H x 10" W x 6" D
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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