Sofuto 10 Pc Cutlery Set

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Ginsu Sofuto 10 Pc Cutlery Set

The Ginsu Sofuto 10 Pc Cutlery Set (05823, 05826, 05820) offers you the ability to have a knife to fufill all of your kitchen cutlery needs. Ginsu designed the Sofuto series of knives around the idea of being "soft" and this theme comes through on each knife. Every knife in this set is equipped with a colored, ergonomic, and slip resistant handle for comfort and confidence while you cut. The slip resistant design of these handles was created to remove the risk of your hand slipping off the knife while cutting to prevent injury or mishap and the different color options allow you to match the set perfectly with other cutlery or kitchen color themes.

This cutlery set includes a 8" chef's knife, 5" santoku blade, 5" utility knife, four (4) 5" steak knives, 3.5" paring knife, and a honing rod, all housed in an elegant hardwood block that keeps your knives organized and aesthetically pleasing while on display. Mated to the handles are blades formed out of Japanese steel that is known for being rust and stain resistant, and are extremely durable. These blades are sharpened to an incredibly sharp edge to allow for easy and efficient cutting. With eight (8) different knife options available with this knife set, it is sure to fulfill any of your kitchen cutlery needs and with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty, you can be sure that you are buying this set for the long haul.

  • Soft Grip Handles:

    Slip resistant soft grip handles allow you to be comfortable and confident while utilizing these knives

  • Japanese Stainless Steel:

    These blades are made out of Japanese Stainless Steel that is known for being stain and rust resistant and extremely durable

  • Hardwood Block:

    A stylish hardwood block keeps these knives organized and safe while on display