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Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel

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Good Ideas Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel

Designed for outdoor usage, the Good Ideas Big Blue 55 is a large rain water barrel, providing you with the opportunity of water storage for the summers. The summer season invariably brings in the problem of insufficient water; this problem is further compounded by the fact that the amount of water used outdoors increases by 45% during the summer. The Big Blue rain water barrel allows you to save precious rain water, which you can use during the summers for watering your plants and other outdoor uses.

The Big Blue 55 is food grade rain barrel and comes with the capacity of holding up to 55 gallons of rain water; also the recycled material used makes for a rotting-free rain water barrel. These rain barrels are resistant to rust, mold and mildew and are also designed to be child and pet safe. The Big Blue 55 rain water barrels feature an innovative mesh screen on the opening so as to keep unwanted debris, insects, and other harmful items out. In addition, these rain barrels feature a sturdy spigot for ease of hooking up hoses or for dual overflow. The spigot is made from brass for enhanced durability and can be fitted easily onto either of the two available spigot openings on the barrel.

The Big Blue 55 water barrels are available in bright blue color, which is known to be effective in keeping out algae considerably. These water barrels not only allow you to save on your water bills, but are very easy and cheap to maintain as well. Furthermore, these rainwater barrels are economically priced, thereby adding to your overall savings.

Key Features:

  • Water Storage with Savings
  • The Big Blue 55 rain water barrel comes with a huge water storage capacity of up to 55 gallons of rain water, which can be effectively used for watering plants. In addition, you also get to save on your water bills substantially.

  • Durable and Long Lasting:
  • This rain barrel features enhanced durability and is resistant to rotting, rust, mold, and mildew, ensuring long lasting usage.

  • Ease of use:
  • It features dual spigot openings ease of hooking up hoses or for dual overflow.