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Compost Wizard Jr. - Black

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Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. Tumbler

Manufactured by Good Ideas, the Compost Wizard Jr. is the smaller version of the Compost Wizard, an innovatively designed composter featuring the benefits of both, compost bins and compost tumblers. Just like the compost bins, the Compost Wizard Jr. comes with a large housing capacity; its large is able to hold up to 7 cubic feet of compost. In addition, the Compost Wizard Jr. features an innovative design with air vents at the ends allowing it to aerate easily, just like the compost tumblers.

These Compost Wizard composters come with a 12-inch twist-off lid for easy access along with keeping the compost safe from animals. Another feature of these uniquely designed garden composters is its detachable wheeled base, which makes for effortless, easy turning. Also, the well-placed handles allow you to get a better grip so as to optimize your torque while turning. Also, unlike compost bins and compost tumblers, the Compost Wizard Jr. can easily be moved around when needed - just leverage it from its base and then roll it to the desired destination.

The bin of the Compost Wizard Jr. is molded from 100% recycled resin and features resistance to fading and enhanced durability. Also, the black color of this composter helps in fast composting through its fast heat absorbing ability. Probably one of the reasons for this composter to be highly effective, churning out fresh nutrient rich compost for your garden in just 14 days and that too with minimal effort on your part. You just need to turn it once a week or whenever you add more compost material. This well-designed, simple-to-use composter comes completely assembled, allowing you to straightaway begin composting.

Key Features:

  • Accelerated Composting:
  • It features an innovative design with air vents at the end that speeds up the aeration thereby accelerating the whole composting process providing you with fresh compost in just 14 days.

  • Easy to use
  • The detachable wheeled base makes for effortless, easy turning and easy to move. Also, moving the composter around becomes easy - you just need to leverage it from its base and then roll it to the desired destination.

  • Durable and Long Lasting:
  • The use of recycled resin lends extra strength to this composter making it durable and resistant to fading.