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Rain Wizard 50 Connector Kit

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Gallon Barrel Connector Kit

With Rain Wizard 50 series of water container barrels collects a maximum 50 gallons storage capacity of natural, unchlorinated water collected during periods of heavy rainfall. It collects excess amounts of rain water directly into the Rain Wizard 50 barrel from your roof tops, before it drains away. This way, you can resort to nature to fulfill your daily water needs, and save up to 40 percent on water bills, making that much water usage - free! The Rain Wizard 50 is constructed using a fade-resistant, high-strength, UV-resistant resin, making it last for years together. However, a single Rain Wizard rain water barrel of 50 gallons might not be enough for those with extensive requirements of watering their lawns, gardens, and even sourcing their daily household water requirements from one single Rain Wizard Water Barrel. For such purposes, one may go for two or more Rain Wizard Rain water barrels, and connect each of these using a special Rain Wizard 50 Connector Kit.

Using the Rain Wizard 50 connector kit, expand the capacity of your Rain Wizard 50 rain water collection system, effortlessly. This Rain Wizard 50 connector kit eliminates the need to hook each barrel's downspout to a different line or hose that connects to your home, bathroom, or kitchen, or garden sprinklers, or lawn sprinklers. Moreover, when you use a Rain Wizard 50 series barrel along with a Rain Wizard 50 connector kit, on two or more barrels, then it is advisable to also install Rain Wizard 50 Stand on each barrel except one to make water flow out through the connector hose, and into the second (or next) barrel for a cascading-styled flow across each such barrel. This makes the water pressure higher, and reduces the wastage in overflow. This method ensures that upon one rain barrel being completely filled up, the excess water will overflow into the Rain Wizard Rain Barrel next to it.

Key Features:

  • High-Strength connector tube:
  • The Rain Wizard 50 Water Connector Kit is constructed out of industrial strength connector tube that can withstand harsh weather conditions even when the rain Wizard Water Barrel is left out in other seasons as well as accidental tripping or tugging, and chewing up by pets.

  • Build to Last:
  • The Rain Wizard 50 Water Connector Kit comes with a pair of Stainless Steel Clamps for connecting up two different Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrels, effortlessly. The Stainless Steel construction lends additional strength for a tight fit, eliminating any water leakages when connected along with capability to stand harsh weather conditions and rusting.

  • Easy-to-Setup:
  • With the pair of Stainless Steel Clamps and the industrial strength connector tube, setting it up is a piece of cake. Simply connect the tube's one end to a spigot and the other to the second barrel's connector inlet, and tighten the clamps. You are done!