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Rain Wizard 50 - Oak

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Gallon Rain Barrel

In the unruly event of uneven, scarce rainfall, with no water for your bed of roses and tulips, or even the pearly fruits grown in your own backyard, a high-capacity barrel for storing extra water definitely saves the day. The Rain Wizard 50 is constructed using high-strength UV resistant resin that is fade-resistant, making it last for years together. This barrel has a maximum water storage capacity of 50 gallons of purified, unchlorinated water that can be collected during periods of heavy rainfall, using rain water harvesting methods. That is, collecting excess amounts of rain water directly in to the Rain Wizard 50 barrel from your roof tops, before it washes away. This way, you can resort to nature to fulfill your daily water needs, and save up to 40 percent on water consumption bills, making that much water - free!

The Rain Wizard 50 is not just a barrel, but a specially designed container that blends well with your lawn or garden, and adds to the pretty picture of the surrounding flora. It has a captivating Faux Oak barrel design that reminds you of the good old' Oak wood barrels that add to the landscape's ambience, while proving to be extremely environmentally friendly, since it does not involve mowing down precious forests. Moreover, the new plastic screen mesh keeps out bugs, animals, and other natural debris along with making it easy in removing the mesh for cleaning and maintenance. Its convenient flat-back design makes your barrel sit u right up without requiring purchases of additional downspout spares or parts. While most barrels may crack or become brittle during winter, the Rain Wizard 50 (Oak color) withstands tough weather and lasts really long.

Key Features:

  • High-Strength UV Resistant Resin Body:
  • The Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel has a fade-resistant, high-strength UV resistant resin constructed body that makes it last for years together.

  • Build to Last:
  • The Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel has a Rust-Resistant, Mold-Resistant, Mildew-Resistant body that does not Rot over the years.

  • High-Quality Brass Spigot:
  • A high quality Brass Spigot in the Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel provides easy access to hook it up with a hose along with an overflow spout for draining excess water collected during heavy rains.