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Rain Wizard 50 Stand - Green

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Stand - Green

With the Rain Wizard 50 series of water container barrels has a maximum water storage capacity of 50 gallons of natural, unchlorinated water collected during periods of heavy rainfall. That is, by collecting excess amounts of rain water directly in to the Rain Wizard 50 barrel from your roof tops, before it drains away. This way, you can resort to nature to fulfill your daily water needs, and save up to 40 percent on water bills, making that much water usage - free! The Rain Wizard 50 - Green, and its matching Stand Green are constructed using a fade-resistant, high-strength, UV-resistant resin, making it last for years together.

However, most other rain barrels on the market never completely utilize the stored water as their spigot is situated about the barrel's midway. With the Rain Wizard 50 series water container barrel, coupled along with the Rain Wizard 50 Stand, you can completely use up every drop of water stored or collected using rain harvesting methods. Unlike other barrels in which the buckets are allowed to be filled with water, but about a quarter of the water is left behind. This remaining (standing) water could turn out to be hazardous. The Rain Wizard 50 Stand lifts and supports the Rain Wizard 50 rain water barrel off the ground. With such increased elevation, the barrel empties out much faster. Moreover, any filling device can then be easily placed below the spigot without bunglesome tilting or maneuvering. Other Rain Water Barrels with spigots have no room for buckets thus, offer connecting hoses as the only draining option. The Rain Wizard 50 Stand comes in 5 luscious colors - Black, Terra Cotta, Oak, Khaki, and Forest Green. If you're buying a Rain Wizard 50 with a Stand, then select a matching Rain Wizard 50 stand according to your Rain Wizard 50 water barrel's color and design for a perfectly matching set!

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & Strong:
  • With an extremely lightweight body, the Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel Stand can easily be moved around, when relocating the Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel around your backyard or garden effortlessly. Though, its lightweight construction isn't compromised in strength, as it can easily hold up a filled up Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel with 50 gallons of water!

  • High-Strength UV Resistant Resin Body:
  • The Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel Stand has a fade-resistant, high-strength UV resistant resin constructed body that makes it last for years together.

  • Build to Last:
  • The Rain Wizard 50 Water Barrel Stand has a Rust-Resistant, Mold-Resistant, Mildew-Resistant body that does not Rot over the years.