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3-Line Retractable Indoor Laundry Lift

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Greenway Home 3-Line Retractable Indoor Laundry Lift

Dry your clothes without adding to your monthly energy bill with the Greenway Home 3-Line Retractable Indoor Laundry Lift (GCL3LL). Easily mount the drying rods high on a wall and as the warm air from your home rises to the top of the room it will simultaneously help dry the clothes quicker than many other laundry line methods, and requires absolutely no energy. This kit comes with three (3) extendable stainless steel rods that are 3 feet in length at their smallest and can expand to 5 feet at the maximum for extended drying space and ability.

An attached nylon cord hangs down and allows you to raise and lower the rods to expand room in between them to hold more clothes, or to push them closer together to better utilize the space when the lift is not in use. The lift comes with easy hanging tabs that allow you to quickly attach clothes to the rods securely so that you won't have to worry about clothes falling down and becoming wrinkled on the floor. Also included is a child safety mechanism that releases the cords if someone gets tanked in the wires. The Greenway Home 3-Line Retractable Indoor Laundry Lift offers a unique and efficient alternative to expensive and energy exhaustive drying machines and would be a great addition for anyone looking to air dry their clothes.

  • Wall Mounted:

    Easily attach this laundry lift up out of the way on a wall and utilize rising warm air to dry your clothes

  • Expandable Rods:

    The laundry rods can expand to up to 15 ft. of rod for a massive amount of usable area

  • Easy Hanging Tabs:

    Attaching clothes to this lift is simple and easy with included hanging tabs