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Solar Spin Rotating Clothes Dryer

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Greenway Home Solar Spin Rotating Clothes Dryer

Utilize the pinnacle of laundry line design with the Greenway Home Solar Spin Rotating Clothes Dryer (GCL7SUNFD). This laundry pole has a lightweight but durable powder coated aluminum base and line arms and pre-coded nylon clothes lines that are durable and easy to hang clothes from. The unit has 140 feet of usable line to allow you unprecedented drying area and the three levels of lines maximize the use of space. A steel ground spike holds the clothes dryer upright and is easy to drive into the ground and can even be cemented for permanent placement. The aluminum base slides easily into the ground spike and is easily removed for storage when not in use.

What sets this clothes dryer apart from other similar products is its solar powered rotating ability. A solar panel is built into the top of the unit and uses clean solar energy to spin the top part of the clothes dryer to drastically cut down drying times. This clothes dryer offers the best of both worlds as you get the fresh outdoor air dried smell in your clothes but have quick drying times with the powered rotation that spins your clothes dry. This clothes dryer is perfect for medium to large sized backyards and is a truly innovative way to air dry your clothes.

  • Large Hanging Area:

    This clothes line has over 140 ft. of drying space

  • Solar Powered:

    A top mounted solar panel powers the unit as it rotates your clothes dry

  • Rotating Design:

    The unique rotating design on this luaundry line cuts drying times in half
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