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120 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Guardian Technologies 120 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier - Blue/White

Humidify your room with ease when you use the Guardian Technologies 120 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier (H4500). This ultrasonic humidifier uses Silver Clean technology to fight the growth of mildew and mold inside the humidifier's water tank, so you can be sure that the disbursement of mold and bacteria will not happen with this humidifier. Using ultrasonic technology, this humidifier has a quiet operation, which is perfect if you want to leave the unit running while you are asleep. A soft glow night light is also featured on this humidifier for added benefit of being able to see when you need to change the settings during the night.

This humidifier can disburse both warm and cool mist, so you can easily use this humidifier for warm and cold months to keep your house humid when you are sick or your skin is dry. The large water tank can hold up to 2.4 gallons of water, which is great for being able to run continuously for 120 hours. With a high output nozzle that spreads the mist into two different directions, you can be sure that the entire room will stay misted without skipping a beat. Perfect for any household in cold or warm weather, this humidifier will give you hours of comfort for a long time.

  • Silver Clean Technology:

    Prevents the growth of mold and mildew inside the humidifier's water tank and inhibits mold from being sprayed into the room

  • Quiet Operation:

    Ultrasonic technology uses low amounts of vibration to operate, which limits operating noise to help you sleep much easier

  • Long Running Time:

    Able to run for up to 120 hours on a single tank, this humidifier is perfect for when you are sick or have allergies