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Arts and Crafts Executive Desk

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Home Styles Arts and Crafts Executive Desk

Enhance the look of your living room with the elegant Home Styles Arts and Crafts Executive Desk (5180-15, 5181-15) with Mission Styling. Embellishing your indoor decor, this desk also offers immense functionality with its practical design.

With framed doors that showcase the raised wood and lattice moldings in its design, this desk possesses slightly flared legs to offer sturdy support to the entire structure. It consists of a drop-front center drawer that makes it a convenient computer desk. Added storage comes with spacious drawers on either side. The desk features a sturdy construction of oak solid wood and is coated with a multi-step finish. The desk is available in two colors: black and cottage oak.

  • Oak Solid Wood Construction:

    An oak solid wood construction makes this desk highly functional and durable.

  • Warm and Elegant Finish:

    The desk features a warm and elegant multi-step finish to exude that exudes coziness.

  • Drop-Front Drawers:

    The desk has a drop-front drawer for to use as a keyboard tray, letting it double as a computer desk.