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Arts and Crafts Side Chairs

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Home Styles Arts and Crafts Side Chairs

Home Styles' Arts & Crafts Side Chair features a great looking multi-step finish that will make heads turn. The usage of eco-friendly sustainable hardwood will also please the more environmentally friendly people, and the clear coat finish protects the unit against damage.

This is perfect for commercial or residential use. The dining chair has been designed with ergonomic features such as curved backs and contoured seats for increased comfort and these chairs are sold in a set of 2. It is available in options of Cottage Oak or Ebony finish.

  • Solid construction:

    The unit's solid hardwood construction ensures supreme dependability

  • Luxurious finish:

    Options in multiple finishes ensure this unit fits into any décor

  • Maximum convenience:

    With easy to open drawers and adjustable shelves, this is a very convenient to use unit