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Arts and Crafts Student Desk

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Home Styles Arts and Crafts Student Desk

With bold style and features, the elegant Home Styles Arts and Crafts Student Desk (5180-16, 5181-16) has great looks and functionality. The desk comes with multiple layers of the warm oak veneer that make it look beautiful and a charming piece of furniture.

Complete your room with this functional desk that is crafted from oak solid wood with black-finished hardware. With its drop-front drawer and a smooth tabletop, this desk can well work as a computer desk for students. Ample storage space is offered with drawers to store books, magazines and other items. The desk has flared legs for added robustness and comes in two colors: black and cottage oak.

  • Solid Wood Construction:

    The desk features a solid oak wood body for added durability.

  • Smooth and Elegant Finish:

    The desk comes with a smooth, elegant finish that exudes coziness.

  • Drop-Front Drawers:

    The desk has a drop-front drawer to use as keyboard tray so it can double as a computer desk.