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Home Styles Bar Table

Home Styles Bar Table with Veneer top (598X-35) makes your living area feel much more relaxed. The hardwood construction ensures that this unit can take any amount of punishment meted out to it, so store it in your bar or game room with confidence.

The unit has a durable wood core with gorgeous looking oak veneer accents. The assembly of this bar stool can be done in no time and the stool itself matches many styles and budget, so buy the Home Styles Bar Table today as the perfect complement to your home space. The table top is available in options of Black or Oak complete with Black finish and is certainly eye-catching and a visual treat.

  • Solidly buily:

    The hardwood construction makes this unit have long-lasting life.

  • Aesthetically brilliant:

    The aesthetically designed unit is perfect for all occasions.

  • Unmatched comfort:

    The contours of this bar stool are engineered to offer unmatched comfort