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Bar Table Set

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Home Styles Bar Table Set

Home Styles Bar Table with Veneer top (598X-358) has been created using sustainable hardwood and hand selected veneers that give the product a premium feel hard to replicate. But it's not all about beauty; the clear-coat finish ends up making the bar table resilient to wear and tear and long lasting. The sleek looks of this bar table are sure to bowl you over.

The contours of the seat have been engineered for maximum comfort. This is the perfect table for a more relaxed home atmosphere or even for a more public setting. Either way, the looks and dependability of the Home Styles Bar Table with Veneer top are sure to please you no end. The table top is available in options of Black or Oak complete with Black finish and is certainly eye-catching and a visual treat.

  • Sturdy construction:

    The unit's use of wood veneers and wood products makes it ready for some rough and rumble.

  • Visual appeal:

    The hardwood construction with sleek looks catches the eye.

  • Comfortable:

    The beautiful oak veneer and ergonomics combine to offer unmatched comfort.