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Buffet with Two Door Hutch

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Home Styles Buffet with Two Door Hutch

Home Styles' Small Server with Wood Top and Two Door Hutch has been constructed using hardwood and wood products that are done up in a multi-step finish with a natural wooden top for that authentic look. The simple styling and the functionality of this unit make it a great addition to your home and its attractive finish makes it look charming in its appearance.

The unit features two utility drawers and wooden framed cabinet doors that hide an adjustable shelf with plenty of storage space on offer. The brushed steel hardware adds to the studied elegance of the unit. The unit is available in 8 options of Natural White, Natural Black, Medium Cherry & Black, Cottage Oak & Black, Natural Cottage Oak, Cottage Oak, Natural Medium Cherry and Medium Cherry finishes.

  • Wholly dependable:

    The use of hardwood promises years of usability when you buy this product

  • Rich finish:

    The brushed hardware looks really nice and is functional too.

  • Incredible convenience:

    The adjustable shelves and floor levelers makes the usage of this unit very convenient.