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Riviera Six Seater Outdoor L Shape Sectional

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Home Styles Riviera Six Seat L Shape Sectional

Let your neighbor envy the smart and opulent Riviera Six Seat L-Shape Sectional Sofa in your backyard. Though named a sectional, this furniture item is sure to serve your complete family with abundant luxury and comfort.

This sectional offers unbeatable quality and durability, which results from the use of rust-free aluminum frame and Cycroplene in its construction. Adjustable levelers fit in the diversely shaped legs can be counted on for stability and support. Assembly of all pieces together results into an incredibly robust sectional sofa. Low maintenance cushions come in three qualities - Stone, harvest and green apple.

  • Rust resistant aluminum frame:

    Resistance to rust provides a greater strength and durability to the chair

  • Adjustable levelers:

    Provision of flexible levelers offers stability on uneven floors

  • Excellent cushion material:

    The cushion material is immensely durable and easily maintainable