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Round Pedestal Dining Table

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Home Styles Round Pedestal Dining Table

Home Styles' Round Pedestal Dining Table has been built to last thanks to its solid hardwood construction. With a multi-step white and cottage oak finish, this table brings the quaintness and old-world charm of a cottage style table to your home. And the clear-coat finish ensures that the look of this unit will remain intact for years to come.

The unit is perfect for residential use and the use of hardwoods ensures that it will last for years. The elegant finish of the unit, available in options of White, Black, Antique White or Cottage Oak makes it a conversation piece befitting any occasion and you will enjoy this table's benefits for years.

  • Solidly built:

    The unit has been constructed from hardwood solids, ensuring years of uninterrupted use

  • Beautiful finish:

    The multi-step finish makes the unit look glorious

  • Immaculate comfort:

    With easy-open drawers built into the unit and adjustable shelves for storage, there is unparalleled comfort on offer