65 lb. Capacity Full Size Ice Maker with Filter Kit

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EdgeStar 65 lb. Capacity Full Size Ice Maker with Filter Kit - Stainless Steel/Black

Whether you're constantly dealing with the hassle of refilling ice trays or your freezer's ice maker just can't seem to keep up with the demands of your home, the EdgeStar 65 lb. Capacity Full Size Ice Maker with Filter Kit (IB650717) is the perfect solution to all of your ice supply troubles. This full size ice maker is capable of producing up to a whopping 65 pounds of ice per day, eliminating the need to make expensive trips to the convenience store or gas station. The key is in the powerful air-cooled condenser, as the unit automatically operates, using the built-in compressor protection system to maintain the perfect temperature for making perfectly clear, bullet-shaped ice. And with a large storage capacity of 24 pounds, you can be sure that you'll always have an ample supply, even when accommodating the needs of large amounts of people. The sleek, professional-style stainless steel and black build add to its overall appearance, and also enable the ice maker to easily blend in with your existing kitchen or home bar decor. The front-exhausting ventilation system gives you increased power when choosing where you use or install the machine, as it does not require extra space around the unit for venting. As long as there's access to a water supply and a drain, you're all set.

The beauty of the EdgeStar 65 lb. Capacity Full Size Ice Maker with Filter Kit is that it comes with an AquaPure In-Line Ice Maker Filter Kit. This triple-action water filtration and treatment system effectively removes chlorine, dust, rust, and other contaminants that can cause bad taste and odors in your ice. Furthermore, as a preventative measure, the filter kit also protects the ice maker from lime scale build up which can negatively affect the machine's operation and build. As a fully-automatic appliance, the EdgeStar IB650SS monitors the storage levels and stops making ice when the bin is full. Once full, the ice maker switches to the cold preservation stage to keep the ice ready for use. It then automatically resumes making ice once any is removed. Additionally, the fan motor responds to the ambient temperature to create the perfect environment for ice whether the unit is in a hot or cold location. Included with this kit are an AquaPure In-Line Ice Maker Filter Kit, large ice scoop, and gravity drain line.

  • Cleaner, Better Tasting Ice:

    The included AquaPure In-Line Ice Maker Filter Kit helps greatly reduce contaminants for more pure, better tasting ice

  • Freestanding or Built-In Installation:

    The use of a front-exhausting ventilation system helps maximize placement options

  • Adjustable Ice Size:

    The ice maker allows you to adjust the ice cube size to your personal preferences

  • Powerful Ice Production:

    The IB650SS is capable of making up to 65 pounds of clear, bullet-shaped ice every day