1466 Lbs, 48" Modular - 220V

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Ice-O-Matic 1466 Lbs, 48" Modular - 220V

The Ice-O-Matic Commercial Air-Cooled Ice Maker (ICE1406) can produce up to 1,466 pounds of high-quality ice in a 24-hour period. Its built-in antimicrobial protection helps to reduce the growth of bacteria, while its nickel-plating withstands heavy contact with water. Because it features a front-air discharge, it requires no side clearance.

Key Features Include:
  • PURE ICE - Built-in antimicrobial protection for the life of the ICE Maker reduces bacteria and slime fungus growth. ICE-O-Matic's optional water filtration system provides protection against unpleasant tastes, odors and scale formation.
  • Harvest Assist - Consistent ICE production 24 / 7 by pushing the ICE into the bin rather than waiting for gravity to overpower the scale.
  • Top Air Discharge - Air is drawn in and discharged through the top, eliminating the need for side clearance.
  • Filter-Free Air - Oversized condensers mean no air filter to change
  • Production - Produces up to 1466 lbs. of ICE per day
  • 7 Year Warranty - Purchase an ICE-O-Matic water filter with a new ICE-O-Matic Cube ICE Maker, replace the water filter cartridge every 6 months, and the evaporator warranty is extended to 7 years - parts and labor (available in the USA and Canada only)