48 Inch Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range with Fry Top and 2 Rotisseries

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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ILVE 48 Inch Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range with Fry Top and 2 Rotisseries and Chrome Trim

Make the most delicious meals ever when you use the ILVE 48 Inch Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range with Fry Top and 2 Rotisseries and Chrome Trim (UM120FMPI, UM120FMPBX, UM120FMPMX, UM120FMPRBX, UM120FMPBLX, UM120FMPAX). This large oven and range features two (2) spacious ovens which will help you to separate the foods you cook and allow you to use each of the two (2) included rotisseries inside the secondary oven without disturbing the food in the main oven. An included warming drawer on the bottom of the oven enables you to keep your already cooked food warm while you wait for the rest of your food to be cooked thoroughly, which will ensure that all of your food stays fresh and delicious.

Six (6) sealed burners on the top of the unit help you to cook any part of your entree or sides for the rest of the meal, and the featured griddle in the middle of the unit allows you to cook specialty foods such as eggs, bacon, taco meat, burgers, and much, much more. The enameled grilles make the cooking experience much easier, while the electronic ignition starts your oven up in one push of a button. Up to 15,500 BTUs of power show you that you can cook even the most hard-to-prepare meals, while the European convection cooking ensures an even and thorough bake every time. Ideal for kitchens in large households, this oven will help to delegate every kitchen task you need to make the evening's meal complete.

*Ilve products are custom made to order in Italy therefore they are subject to a 50% deposit and are considered non-returnable. Please contact our sales specialists with any questions.

  • Insulated Oven:

    An insulated oven door ensures that the heat will not emit from the oven, and that the flavor will be sealed inside during the cooking process

  • Dual Oven Cooking:

    Two (2) featured ovens - a main oven and a secondary oven - allows you to cook more in the same amount of time, which is perfect for big meals

  • Seven (7) Surfaces:

    Four (6) burners and one (1) fry-top griddle enable you to cook a variety of food with ease