Stainless Steel Cover for Fry Top

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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ILVE Stainless Steel Cover for Fry Top

Add functionality to the Tepanyaki grill plate on your ILVE range with the ILVE Stainless Steel Cover for Fry Top (A04001). This fry top cover allows you to simmer, boil, and heat your food much quicker with incredible heat retention, and the large circumference and dome shape of the lid allows you to cover odd shaped bowls, pans, or anything else. The lip of the cover is designed to form a tight seal around the edges, keeping all of the heat inside, for incredible heating efficiency.

The lid is constructed out of durable and modern stainless steel that will match your range perfectly, and is rust and stain resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance after use. On top of the unit is a sturdy and smooth ball handle that fits comfortably into your hand, and gives the lid a professional and classic appearance. This classic design allows it to be multifunctional as it looks great on tabletops as it can keep bowls, and plates warm while waiting to be served.

  • Ball Handle:

    A top mounted ball style handle allows you to lift the cover easily off when your food is ready to serve

  • Fits With ILVE's Tepanyaki Plate:

    This cover was designed to work with ILVE's Tepanyaki Plate, but also can fufill many other functions

  • Helps Retain Heat:

    This cover allows you to retain heat inside so that your food will cook thoroughly and quickly