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Ice Maker Overview
How to Setup and Maintain a Portable Ice Maker

Stay Cool With Your Own Personal Ice Maker: Home, Commercial & Portable

Ice makers work using a system that takes warm air out of the freezing machine, allowing the water inside to condense into a solid. These days, it is common to see refrigerators that automatically make and crush ice, but for those who need to have a larger supply of ice, a purpose built ice machine may be what they require.

There is a variety of types of ice makers you can choose from, but they mostly break down into three main distinctions: residential, commercial and portable. Residential ice makers are much smaller and produce a good amount of ice. They are perfect for ice addicts or for people who entertain large parties of friends who all enjoy cold beverages. Commercial ice machines are much larger, produce more ice, and freeze ice quicker. Hotels, restaurants, and other business that require drinkable ice depend on such machines to keep their customers happy. Portable ice machines are perfect for anyone on the go. The perfect appliance for traveling, camping trips, outdoor entertaining and pool parties.

In addition to these three main categories there are a few smaller categories of ice-related appliances you may be interested in. Other popular types of ice makers include commercial ice bins, ice crushers and a wide variety of accessories. Commercial ice bins can keep large supplies of pre-made ice cool and ready for use without freezing it into a solid chunk. Ice crushers are great for making specialty drinks and the popular summertime snow cones. All ice machines need to be cleaned occasionally or have parts replaced which is where the maintenance supplies come in handy.

A very important consideration when buying an ice maker is the desired shape of the ice. While crescent shaped ice is easy to manufacture, many people prefer pellet, flake, or cubed ice. The preference is largely because of appearance, but it also pertains to the mouth-feel of ice. Some brands have different settings of ice shape, but most of them produce one shape only. There are many well established brands that have perfected their ice making techniques and have manufactured the highest quality ice equipment possible.

For the best quality ice, it is crucial that you understand how to properly clean the machine itself and the filter the water so that the ice tastes clean and pure. We would recommend buying at least one or two replacement filters with your ice maker. This allows you be prepared before you need them.