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Johnson Level Hardwood I-Beam Level

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Johnson Level Hardwood I-Beam Level

Johnson Level's Hardwood I-Beam Level (IB24, IB48, IB72) makes a perfect addition to any home owner's toolbox. A heavy duty I-beam aluminum frame provides strength and rigidity, and birch hardwood panels inserted in the frame provide a classic look and feel. Hand-set vials ensure an accurate level every time.

This level's durable impact resistant acrylic vials are stronger than glass and less likely to break, while replaceable hardened glass lenses resist scratching and fogging for a clear view of the vials.

This level is available in 24-inch, 48-inch, and 72-inch lengths.

  • I-Beam Construction:

    The heavy duty aluminum I-beam frame provides the rigidity needed for accurate leveling

  • Hardwood Panels:

    Birch hardwood panels are inserted into the frame for a classic look and feel

  • Great for Masonry:

    Wood levels don't get hot or cold to the touch in extreme outdoor environments, while glass windows resist mortar scratches and mortar won't adhere to the wood itself as it does to aluminum levels