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Johnson Level Soft Sided Level Case

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Johnson Level Soft Sided Level Case

Protect your professional grade Johnson Level during transport and storage with an official Johnson Level Soft Sided Case (LCS24, LCS48, LCS72). Irreversible damage such as a bent base, warped frame or shifted vial positions can be caused by rough handling, improper storage or wear and tear over an extended period of time. Such damages can be easily avoided by properly protecting your level. This carrying case, made of a durable nylon shell and water resistant material, keeps your equipment safe and dry in even the roughest conditions.

This Johnson Level carrying case is available in three sizes, 24-inch, 48-inch and 72-inch. Choose the length that corresponds with your Johnson Level.

  • Quality Construction:

    Durable, water resistant nylon shell with extra reinforcement stitching

  • Secure:

    Includes a heavy-duty zipper that prevents level from sliding out, and a convenient handle for easy carrying
  • Models: LCS24, LCS48, LCS72
    Johnson Level Soft Sided Level Case
  • Brand: Johnson Level & Tool
    Convenient carrying handle
  • Durable outer shell
    Protects level during transport and storage
  • Made of water resistant nylon material
    Prevents scratch, dent and warping damage
  • Heavy duty zipper
    Available in 24", 48", 72" lengths