Bamboo Electronic Kitchen Scale

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Kalorik Bamboo Electronic Kitchen Scale - Bamboo

Need an easy way to measure your food without having to guess? When you use the Kalorik Bamboo Electronic Kitchen Scale (EKS37068), you won't have to do any of that guesswork ever again! This thin bamboo scale can measure items of up to 11 pounds, so you can measure your ingredients with precision to get the best recipes and dishes imaginable. In case you need to measure in different units, this scale can give you the weight of your foods in grams (g), kilograms (kg), ounces (oz), or pounds (lb) so you won't have to convert the weights yourself, giving you more time to cook.

The high precision strain gauge sensor system ensures that the displayed weights on the scale are accurate, and the LCD display can easily show you the weight on it's large touch screen. This LCD display is also retractable and able to store inside the scale itself, making it easy to store in small spaces. A featured tare function enables you to weigh ingredients that need a container to be weighed. All you need to do is place the container on the scale, press the "On/Tare" button, and the scale will automatically weigh just the ingredient in the container, saving you time of having to figure out just how much the ingredient weighs! Perfect for any kitchen, this small, lightweight scale will make it easier than ever to cook the right foods every time.

  • LCD Display:

    The 2.9cm display shows you the current weights, and can easily slide into the scale for simple storage

  • Modern Design:

    With a bamboo finish, this scale can blend in with any kitchen appliances and decor to match your overall motif

  • Useful Functions:

    The tare function lets you weigh ingredients that cannot be weighed without containers, while the battery low and power indicators alert you to the scale's power level