Belgian Waffle Maker

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Kalorik Belgian Waffle Maker - Brushed Stainless Steel

Make great-tasting Belgian waffles with the Kalorik Belgian Waffle Maker (WM36377) and you'll never go back to making regular waffles again! Able to make Belgian waffles with extra deep pockets, you'll be sure you get one of the best tasting waffles ever when you use this waffle iron. Made of a stainless steel housing, you can ensure that any stain or mess made on the waffle maker can be easily cleaned up without any scrubbing or deep cleaning. The power on/off indicator lights let you know when your waffles are ready to be taken off of the waffle maker and eaten, which allows you to work on other things while the waffles are baking.

The non-stick plates make it easy to remove the waffles whenever you need to, which also eliminates the need to use oils or grease to cook the waffles, making your breakfast much healthier for you. Adjustable temperature controls allow you to brown the waffles to whatever shade you'd like them, giving you a cooking versatility to your waffles. Able to rotate for even cooking throughout the waffle, this waffle machine is perfect for any kitchen use, and will be sure to keep you and your family full after breakfast.

  • Healthier Cooking:

    The non-stick plates ensure that you won't need to use grease or oils to cook, making it healthier for you

  • Gourmet Waffles:

    Authentic Belgian waffles can be made on this waffle press, making extra large pockets for better taste

  • Temperature Controls:

    Built-in temperature controls allow you to adjust the shade of the waffle for better cooking preferences