Egg Boiler

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Kalorik Egg Boiler - Stainless Steel

Boil some eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you use the Kalorik Egg Boiler (EK35321). This stainless steel boiler allows you to boil up to seven (7) eggs at one time, and the removable egg tray and lid make it easy to clean the entire machine. The included poaching tray allows you to poach up to two (2) eggs, giving you the cooking versatility to make your eggs the way you want them. While safety is also a concern with any plug-in appliance, you can rest assured that this egg boiler's auto shut off feature will give you less to worry about in the kitchen.

The heating time buzzer alerts you as to when your eggs are ready to eat, which enables you to go relax or do other things while your eggs are boiling. This is great for when you are cooking for family or friends, so you can cook other things while waiting on your eggs. Ideal for any kitchen, this egg boiler will help you with your cooking experience and will be sure to keep everyone full and happy.

  • Quantity:

    This egg boiler can cook up to seven (7) eggs and the included poaching tray can poach two (2) eggs

  • Egg Timer:

    An included buzzer lets you know when the eggs are ready, allowing you to do other things while waiting

  • Safe to Use:

    The auto shut-off feature turns off the boiler when your eggs are done, assuring you that your machine will avoid accidents