Antarctic Two (6.5" & 8") Burner 208V Cooktop

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Kenyon Antarctic Two (6.5" & 8") Burner 208V Cooktop - Ceramic Glass

Cook great meals and snacks with the Kenyon Antarctic Two (6.5" & 8") Burner 208V Cooktop (B49593). This beautiful ceramic cooktop features one (1) 8" and one (1) 6.5" burner with an electric ignition. Nestled in the ceramic glass top, these burners are easy to clean whenever there is a spill, and the textured surface ensures you that there will be minimal spills or accidents because of it's firm grip on your pots and pans.

There are also numerous safety features on the Kenyon burners. The heat limiting cooking surface protectors allow each burner to not get too overheated, while the on and hot burner indicator lights allow you to be warned about when a burner is on so there won't be any accidents. Perfect for amateur and professional chefs, as well as those who have a limited space in their kitchen, this unit will make a great addition to your kitchen appliance family.

  • Safety:

    The indicator lights and limited cooking surface protectors keep the cook safe from any possible accidents

  • Elegant:

    Ceramic glass texture of the unit keeps it - and your kitchen - looking beautiful

  • Easy to Clean:

    With a glass surface, cleaning the unit has never been easier: just wipe it down and you're done!