Set of 3 Baby Chef Digital Freshness Minders

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Discontinued Product

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Kidsline Set of 3 Baby Chef Digital Freshness Minders - White

Count on the Kidsline Set of 3 Baby Chef Digital Freshness Minders (BC200DC) to tell you the freshness or readiness of your child's foods. This set of three (3) timers allows you to easily keep track of anything: which includes feedings, formula freshness, cooking meals and much, much more. Each timer features a color coded band for easily distinguishing each timer from the others, in order to keep track of what each timer is for.

When the timer is finished keeping track after 24 hours, it will beep and let you know when time has expired so you can take the appropriate action, while a flashing signal on each alarm allows you to see the timer if you can't hear it. The timer can either count up or down, allowing you to choose which way it goes, and the magnet on the back of each timer lets you even stick it on the door for easy viewing. Perfect for keeping track of feedings, food, and more, these timers are a real lifesaver for the new parent!

  • Color-Coded Bands:

    Each timer comes with a different color-coded band so you can tell between each one

  • Interchangeable Timer:

    The timers can count up to 24 hours and can either count up or down, depending on your preference

  • Easy Alert System:

    When the time expires, the timer will beep and flash so it can alert you even if you can't hear it