Koolatron Czech Cooker
Koolatron TCCZ02SN $115.00
Czech Cooker

Czech Cooker

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Koolatron Czech Cooker - 3 L Multi-Cooker

From Koolatron, this multi-purpose, multi-functional Czech Cooker (TCCZ02SN) cooks anything and everything your oven can while dramatically reducing the amount of time and energy spent cooking. Using 80 percent less energy than conventional ovens, this 3L capacity cooker roasts, grills, fries, bakes and re-heats foods of all sorts. With such versatility, this cooker can easily take the place of all of your countertop cooking appliances, saving you space as well as time and energy.

The Czech Cooker utilizes a top heating element which converts heat directly into the pan, resulting in even heating and even cooking. For added convenience, the stainless steel lid has a glass window that allows for monitoring food as it cooks. These features, combined with variable temperature controls and a self-venting lid, significantly simplify the cooking process and make burnt or unevenly cooked meals a thing of the past.

  • Energy Saving:

    Requiring only 450 watts of power, the Czech Cooker uses up to 80 percent less energy than conventional ovens

  • Cook in Less Time:

    Preheating takes only 1-2 minutes (as opposed to 15 or 20 minutes using conventional ovens) and due to the unique top-heating method of cooking, this multi-cooker is much faster than cooking in the oven

  • Other Key Features:

    Included with the cooker is a lid stand to prevent the hot lid from warping or otherwise ruining the counter when removed during cooking. Also included is a removable power plug which makes for easy cleaning and storage


  • Model: TCCZ02SN
    Koolatron Czech Cooker
  • Brand: Koolatron
    Unique top heating element
  • Multi-functional cooker
    Preheats in 1-2 minutes
  • Cooks anything a regular oven can
    Cooks in a shorter time than the oven
  • Roasts, grills, fries, bakes and re-heats
    Variable temperature control
  • Uses 80% less energy than conventional ovens
    Self-venting lid
  • Stainless steel lid with glass window
    Removable power cord
  • Convenient lid stand included
    Power: 450 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
    Dimensions: 8" H x 17" W x 13" D

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