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UV-C Light Wand

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Guardian Technologies UV-C Light Wand

The Guardian Technologies UV-C Light Wand (LW18) is a revolutionary new way to clean over 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses on just about any surface, including household surfaces and personal objects.  This handy tool is lightweight, portable and effective against influenza, strep throat, colds, staph infections and tuberculosis.  UV-C light is widely used in hospitals and in other germ free settings, and now this convenient product lets you harness the power of chemical free sanitization.  It features a 6000-8000 hour life bulb, auto shut off, 3 programmable settings (5, 60 minute interval or continuous use mode) and weighs in at only 13 ounces.  Includes an AC adaptor or uses 4 “AA” batteries.

  • No chemicals required:

    The Guardian Technologies UV-C Light Wand is safe around children and pets, no harsh chemicals are required and cleaning is quick and easy.

  • Fast and efficient sanitization:

    Sanitization can generally be achieved by holding the Guardian Technologies UV-C Light Wand over surfaces and items for 10-20 seconds at a distance of approximately 2-inches. It takes only 10 seconds to sanitize personal items or utensils. The 6” UV-C bulb allows wide coverage and makes sanitizing large areas quick and easy.

  • Cleans variety of surfaces:

    Excellent on bedding, counter tops, sink areas, personal items (hair brush, toothbrush, razor, makeup brushes), telephone, computer keyboard and mouse, bathroom areas such as toilet area, shower and tub.