20 Inch Wind Machine

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Lasko 20 Inch Wind Machine

Keep cool with the Lasko 20 Inch Wind Machine (3300LASKO). This 20 inch fan can move a large amount of air with its oversized fan face and blade design that improves airflow and maximizes the amount of air circulated with this fan. The fan sits sturdily on a floor base and the entire head of the unit pivots to allow you to position the airflow to the exact location that you require. This easy to pivot design adds to the functionality of the unit and allows you to use it to dry wet floors, or high areas while still sitting low to the ground.

An easy to turn dial control allows you to pick one of three (3) incredibly strong fan speeds so that you can choose the exact speed that is right for you. The fan was also designed to operate as quietly as possible as to circulate air without producing the annoying buzzing noise that is often associated with larger fans. The fan is made out of a durable plastic construction and ships to you fully assembled and even includes an easy-grip handle on the top of the unit so that transporting the fan from room to room is easier than ever. This fan is great for use inside the home, in garages, offices, is easy to transport, and strong enough to withstand the day to day abuse that you might throw at it.

  • Pivoting Head Design:

    Adjust the airflow to the perfect location with an easy to pivot fan head

  • Large 20 Inch Fan Face:

    The oversized fan blade and face assembly allows this fan to move a large amount of air for increased comfort

  • Three (3) Fan Speeds:

    Adjust the whisper quiet fan speeds for the perfect amount of air circulation