52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan w/ Remote Control

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Lasko 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan w/ Remote Control

Utilizing a space saving design, the Lasko 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan w/ Remote Controll (2535) is perfect for someone looking to have all the qualities of a large capacity residential fan, without taking up too much space. Adjustable height control on this fan allows it to reach a full 12" taller than the average pedestal fan, making it easy to put in a corner, or behind other furniture to further maximize your space. This fan does not have the ability to tilt the head, but gives you the same vertical directional control with louvers so that you can pinpoint exactly where you want you fan to circulate.

The fan has three (3) programmable fan speeds that are designed to be whisper quiet, making the fan functional but not obnoxious or disturbing. A built in timer lets you be energy efficient with convenience and can be programmed anywhere from .5 - 7.5 hours. Optional oscillating ability allows you decide if you want to circulate a specific point, or an entire room, letting the fan adhere to your specific needs. These controls are able to be set with a control panel on top of the fan, or by remote control, letting you adjust your settings without even getting out you for chair. This fan is space and energy efficient, has user friendly adjustability, and will be perfect for anyone looking to add a functional, yet non intrusive air circulator to their home or office.

  • Adjustable Height:

    You can adjust the height of this fan from 41" - 52", making this fan up to 12" taller than the average pedestal fan

  • Remote Control:

    Programmable via remote, this fan is very user friendly and easy to adjust

  • Three (3) Fan Speeds:

    Adjustable fan speeds let you choose exactly how you want your fan to circulate