Mini Kegerator Dispenser

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Avanti Mini-Pub Kegerator & Beer Dispenser

A truly portable kegerator, the Avanti MBD5L Mini Pub beer dispenser can be used in the home, boat, RV or camper to cool and dispense beer straight from the tap. This compact beer dispenser is designed to hold any standard 5-liter mini keg and comes with both AC and DC power adapters. A digital display allows for easy adjustment and monitoring of temperature settings, while a thermoelectric system provides ultra-quiet cooling.

Tapping and cleaning kits are included as well as three 16-gram CO2 cartridges, enough to dispense 3 or more 5-liter kegs. This mini beer keg dispenser can also accommodate a larger (340-gram) CO2 cylinder that has enough pressure to dispense up to 20 mini kegs.
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