64 Qt. Tri Voltage Portable Fridge / Freezer

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Engel 64 Qt. Tri Voltage Portable Fridge / Freezer

The Engel 64 Qt. Tri Voltage Portable Fridge / Freezer (MT60F-U1-C) holds a large capacity encased in a rugged powder-coated exterior casing. These travel coolers are tri-voltage which means they can run off 110 VAC, 12V DC and 24V DC voltage. This unit was designed to withstand the wear and tear of use in the deserts of Africa and the Australian Outback. Advanced motor design and insulation permit this unit to draw fewer amps than the smaller Engel units.  Another notable feature is that the Engel MT60F-U1-C has two separate compartments - one freezer and one refrigerator.  The fridge compartment is fixed at 40°F and the freezer compartment features variable temperature control ranging from from 40° down to below 0°F.

Unlike thermoelectric coolers, Engel portable freezers / refrigerators are designed to cool almost instantly and will even keep ice cream frozen. The Engel 64 Qt. Tri Voltage Portable Fridge / Freezer MR040F-U1 can hold a steady interior temperature preventing foods and perishables from spoiling and features a deep interior with removable ice tray supports.

This portable fridge/freezer is great for boaters and campers to keep food/beverages or even your daily catch cold, as well as being useful for a variety of professional purposes.  Sales reps on the road can use the Engel fridge/freezer to protect frozen or cold samples, EMS/paramedic or other medical personnel can keep life saving drugs, vaccines or any other samples protected.  This product is also great for personal medication that must be refrigerated.