Mixed Drink Maker

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Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

Bring an extra element of fun to your next party with the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker (NBMGMD3000P00). This fun machine allows guests to select from a variety of 48 different cocktails and mixes and dispenses them automatically, leaving you the host free to mingle. The center wheel controls the interactive display, spin the wheel to select the drink you would like and the machine then mixes and dispenses in a matter of seconds. Four (4) tanks with color coded caps, drink chute, basins and basin covers hold your liquids of choice and keep them ready to mix and serve. Each drink is 8 ounces and the "strong" setting will dispense an extra ounce of alcohol and one less ounce of mixer. Offer a tempting and impressive variety of mixed drinks like, Hurricane Punch, Tropical Rita, Screw Driver, Sweet-Tart, Ruby Punch and more that will surely satisfy.

  • Automatic Mixer:

    Using the interactive display, guests can find and select their drink of choice and the machine does the rest

  • Wide Variety:

    With 15 drink options per liquor, you can choose from 48 delicious drinks like Cape Cods, Screwdrivers, Sweet Tarts and Rum Stone Sours

  • Added Options:

    The "I Feel Lucky" button will select and dispense a surprise drink variety while the "strong" setting will add an extra ounce of alcohol