Clear Ice Maker - White Cabinet, White Full Wrapped Door

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Marvel Clear Ice Maker - Full Wrapped Door

Produce and store up to 35 lbs. of crystal clear ice with the Marvel 30iMT Clear Ice Machine. At only 15 inches wide, this unit can fit in any cabinet space. It features a full-wrap door with professional bar handle in white or black.

The quality of your ice-maker naturally reflects the quality of your ice, and the Marvel 30iMT is constructed to consistently deliver quality ice dependably. The unit's size permits it to install easily in a 15" wide cabinet opening, and can fit in up to an 18" wide opening using the optional filler kit (requires gravity drain or optional drain pump).

The Marvel 30iMT produces up to 35 pounds a day of consistent, quality ice cubes. Each cube is of the same classic shape, allowing them to chill drinks quickly without sticking together. The Marvel 30iMT produces ice using a natural process called fractional freezing; Impurities in the ice are drained away using water from the previous ice-making cycle, which is a big improvement over units that re-use old waste water to start the next ice making cycle. This unit also features a full-auto defrost system that saves you from the tiresome task of manual defrosting after every few days. The 30iMt can consistently produce plenty of crystal-clear ice for any family's needs.