Rabbit Swish Aeration System

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Metrokane Rabbit Swish Aeration System

Unlock all the flavor and aroma from your favorite wine with the Metrokane Rabbit Swish Aeration System (6150). As wine breathes, it releases its intended aromas and flavors, and aerators speed up this process so that you can enjoy all of the best flavors of your wine easily and instantly. Metrokane's Swish Aeration System was designed to make the decanting process quick, straightforward, and handy as you simply place the aerator on the glass and as you pour the wine the appropriate amount of air mixes into the wine.

Unlike other similar aeration systems, this swish aerator does not require you to hold it with your hand while you pour, which can be awkward and often lead to spillage. After utilizing the swish system the flavor and aroma is richer and smoother. A fine sediment screen is also built into the aerator to eliminate sediment and ensure that your wine comes out just the way you want it. The entire system works in seconds and so that you can be ready to drink your perfect tasting wine instantly.

  • Complete Aeration In Seconds:

    The unique design of this decanter can completely aerate your entire bottle in seconds

  • Sediment Screen:

    An included sediment screen ensures that your wine comes out just the way you want it

  • Enhances The Flavor Of Your Wine:

    This quick and easy aeration system enhances the flavor and aroma of your wine