Mini-Split Air Conditioners: Quiet & Efficient Air Supply

Interior comfort is a must for many people across the county. Anyone who needs an alternative air conditioning system and does not like the look a window A/C unit should consider a mini-split system. A mini-split air conditioner operates very efficiently but without look of a window mounted unit. Typically sold with one, two, or three zone packages, this small system allows residents to have a cool, comfortable air temperature without the added expense of duct-based air conditioning.

There are additional mini-split air conditioner benefits other than just their small size and easy installation. They are also much cheaper to operate and waste much less energy. For people who have small, old fashioned homes, installing a brand new duct and vent system can cost thousands of dollars. A much more elegant and simple solution is the mini-split. By attaching the indoor unit to an outside compressor via tubing, a mini-split can cool rooms that do not have a window easily accessible.

Not only is the initial installation much less expensive, but maintenance is more affordable. Vents and ducts can be a breeding grounds for pests, dust, and allergens. If these ducts are not cleaned regularly, they simply allow the foreign matter to be blown around the entire house rather than filtering it out. Since mini-split air conditioners do not rely on large duct systems, they do not pose the same risk to polluting the interior air.

Another benefit of this simplified system is precise control of comfortable air. Traditional air conditioners are limited to how they can control the interior temperature. If someone lives in a large house, they must pay for the energy required to keep the entire house regulated at a single temperature. This could mean huge expenses during hot months, especially if the home in question is poorly insulated. With the purchase of a three zone mini-split air conditioner, the rooms that are most commonly used can have the benefit of comfortable air. This is perfect for people who spend the majority of their time in one or two rooms of the house. A single zone unit is great for people who do not spend much time at home at all, as are portable air conditioning units.

Along with the air conditioning units themselves, there are a few essential mini-split accessories you may also be interested in. The most important addition is, of course, the thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help a homeowner better regulate their own energy usage and make changing temperature during the day and night simpler. Other very important accessories include a wall bracket for the outdoor compressor unit and air lines that run from the compressor to the indoor diffuser. Experience a new level of air quality and comfort with the installation of a single or multi zone mini-split air conditioner.