Charcoal Basket

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Napoleon Charcoal Basket - Steel

Make rich, flavorful charcoal-smoked dishes when you use the Napoleon Charcoal Basket (67400) in your Napoleon grill. Designed to be used with the Napoleon charcoal kettle, this tray is easy to use and simple to clean up. This small steel tray can be easily set into your grill, and all you would need to do to get the cooking going is to add charcoal into the tray and start the gas burner.

Then, the burner would light up the charcoal, adding charcoal flavor to your meats for a outdoor cooking taste. You can separate two (2) charcoal baskets to cook your foods indirectly for a subtler taste, or set the baskets directly in the middle to cook your foods directly to get a strong charcoal flavor. Perfect for your Napoleon grill, this charcoal basket will have all of your guests coming back for seconds.

  • Charcoal Cooking:

    Your food will taste like it has just been cooked in charcoal, so the mesquite flavoring will permeate your foods deliciously

  • Easy to Use:

    Simply take the tray and place it in the grill, then put charcoal in the tray and light the gas burners to give your food great charcoal flavor

  • Cooking Style:

    You can put the basket together in the middle of the grill for direct cooking, or separate it onto the grill sides for indirect cooking
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