Napoleon Charcoal Tray
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Napoleon Charcoal Tray
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Napoleon Charcoal Tray

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Napoleon Charcoal Tray for 450/600/750 Series Grills

Take good care of your Napoleon grill, and get the Napoleon Charcoal Tray (67731). This tray is made specifically to enhance your experience with your Napoleon 450, 600, 750 series grill.

It is recommended to periodically remove and clean your charcoal tray to prolong your grill's optimal performance and continue to enjoy the delicious taste of hot, chargrilled foods. And don't worry, it's easy to do!

  • Essential for Optimal Performance:

    Prolongs the lifespan of your grill

  • Delicious Grilled Food:

    Food tastes better when the grill is properly maintained

  • Durable and Versitile:

    Compatible with all Napoloen 450, 600, and 750 series grills


  • Model: 67731
    Charcoal Tray
  • Brand: Napoleon
    Ensures tasty food from the grill
  • Compatible with Napoleon 450/600/750 series grills
    Weight: 4lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
    Material: stainless steel