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Napoleon Freestyle Infrared Portable Grill

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Napoleon Freestyle Infrared Portable Grill

Grill your favorite meals on the go with the Napoleon Freestyle Infrared Portable Grill (PTSS215PI). This unique grill from Napoleon gives you many of the same luxuries and features that you have come to love on your regular grill, in a durable, yet portable grilling station. This grill utilizes Napoleon's infrared burners that are designed to be able to quickly seer the outside of your food to lock in the best flavor and juices, and it is energy efficient as it cuts down on cooking times. Built in stainless steel seer plates are also included to provide you protection against flare ups that can char or overcook the surface of your meal and ruin that great barbeque taste.

Understanding that this grill will be used under many circumstances and situations, Napoleon built the lid to be incredibly tight fitting so that it will be wind and element resistant, keeping the burners from being blown out, and other elements off of your food as it grills. Other great portable features include foldable legs, that make the grill sturdy when in use, yet compact and easy to carry when you are traveling or storing the grill. The entire grill is powered by a 1lb propane cylinder which is easy to carry and transport with your grill, further adding to the portability and convenience of use with this grill. The outside is also a beautiful stainless steel that is weather resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. This grill is great for the person who loves to go camping, on R.V. trips, or even those who are space conscious in a condo or apartment, as the grill is packed with features, but also compact and portable at the same time.

  • Infrared Burner:

    Infrared burner technology allows you to lock in the best flavors and cuts down on cook times to save you time and energy costs

  • Foldable Legs:

    Foldable legs make this grill sturdy when in use, yet compact when being transported or stored

  • Tightly Sealed Lid:

    Designed to be used in multiple situations and circumstances, the lid of the grill is wind and element resistant so you can feel confident using this grill in any circumstance.