Freestyle Portable Grill

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Napoleon Freestyle Portable Grill - PTSS215P

Bring the comfort and fun of your outdoor grill on the road with the Napoleon Freestyle Portable Grill (PTSS215P). Built with the same quality and care as your regular Napoleon grill, this portable option makes grilling on camping trips, or other family vacations easier than ever. Weighing only thirty (30) pounds, this grill is easy to carry around and fit in the back of a car, truck, or R.V., and the lid handles doubles as a carrying handle for even further convenience. Underneath the grill are foldable stainless steel legs that are durable and compact to help you save on space when transporting or storing the grill.

Inside the grill is a 14,000 BTU stainless steel tube burner that is protected by stainless steel seer plates which vaporize drips to infuse flavor back into the food and eliminate flare ups that can char or burn the surface of your food. The overall grilling area of the grill is 215 sq. in. to find the happy medium between being small enough to transport, but large enough to cook for the entire family. Also inside of the grill is a 105 sq. in. foldable warming rack that gives you more cooking area and options. Understanding that this grill will be used in multiple locations and conditions, Napoleon built the lid to make an incredibly tight seal when it closes, making it wind and element resistant. To top off all of these features is a removable dip tray that helps make cleaning simple and easy. This grill is great for the person who loves to go camping, spend time out at the lake, or even just has a smaller condo or apartment and is looking to be space conscious.

  • Foldable Stainless Steel Legs:

    This grill is designed to be used on the go and foldable legs make the grill compact for transportation or storage

  • Tightly Sealed Lid:

    Understanding that this grill will be used under multiple outdoor conditions, Napoleon made the lid wind and element resistant

  • Portable:

    Weighing only thirty (30) pounds and operating on a 1lb propane cylinder, this grill is easily portable and useful for camping, tailgating, and much more