Mirage Built In Grill w/ Infrared Rear Burner

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Napoleon Mirage Built In Grill w/ Infrared Rear Burner BIM605RBIXSS-1

Bring luxury and convenience to your outdoor grilling experience with the Napoleon Mirage Built In Grill w/ Infrared Rear Burner (BIM605RBIPSS-1, BIM605RBINSS-1). Napoleon is a leader in luxury grill and infrared burner design and pulls from this experience to make this feature packed grill. The grill has three (3) 14,000 BTU burners that are independently controlled to give you multiple cooking areas and increased power. To go along with these three (3) robust regular burners is a fourth infrared back burner and fifth infrared rotisserie burner that are designed to lock in the flavor and juices of your foods, to help you create tender and mouthwatering steaks, hamburgers, and barbeque. Infrared burner technology quickly seers your food, locking in the flavor and reducing the cooking time drastically. Thus with these infrared burners, this grill can bring the same great taste as charcoal, but quicker, cleaner, and more energy efficient. Together these burners create an expansive 843 sq. in. cooking area that is large enough to cook for you, your family, your friends and even have some left over.

Directly above these burners are stainless steel sear plates that are designed to vaporize drips, infusing all of that flavor right back into your food, and they eliminate flare ups which can char the surface of your food. Napoleon's own WAVE cooking grid design offers a solid platform for you to create even the most delicate of meals. All of these burners and grates are housed in a double paneled stainless steel lid, which has oven like heat retention which is both energy efficient, and helps create that authentic barbeque flavor. This lid is equipped with a cool to the touch tubular handle, and a temperature gauge that relays precise temperature readouts from inside of the lid, so that you can feel confident cooking even the most temperature sensitive foods. Other user intuitive features include Napoleon's own i-Glow technology which illuminates the temperature dials, making grilling in the dark a thing of the past. Combine all these features with a removable dip tray for easy cleaning, and you have a durable, functional, luxurious, and modern grill that is sure to enhance any grilling experience.

  • Temperature Gauge:

    A built in temperature gauge gives you exact readouts of the temperature inside of the grill

  • i-Glow Control Knobs:

    Napoleon's i-Glow technology gives you confidence in adjusting this grills temperature even in the dark

  • Two Infrared Burners:

    Infrared burners lock in the flavors of your food, and cut down on energy costs by reducing cook time