Mirage Built In Grill w/ Infrared Rear Burner

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Napoleon Mirage Built In Grill w/ Infrared Rear Burner BIM730RBIXSS-1

Create mouthwatering meals in your backyard with the Napoleon Mirage Built In Grill w/ Infrared Rear Burner (BIM730RBIPSS-1, BIM730RBINSS-1). This grill utilizes two (2) advanced infrared burners that are designed to quickly sear the outside of your food to lock in the flavor, and reduce cook times. Place your food on the infrared burners first, then finish the job on the four (4) commercial grade stainless steel burners that are independently controlled and have a 14,000 BTU capacity. By pairing these two types of burners you get the best of both worlds and can create tender, and flavorful meals. Napoleon also included stainless steel sear plates on top of the burners that instantly vaporize drippings to infuse that flavor back into the food, and they eliminate flare ups that can char the surface of your food.

The burners are controlled with easy to use, independent temperature control knobs, that have built in i-Glow technology making late night entertaining easier than ever. Covering the burners is a large double paneled stainless steel lid that has oven like heat retention and a cool to the touch handle. Also built into this lid is a temperature gauge that gives you exact readouts as to the temperature of your grill, giving you the ability to cook temperature sensitive foods with calm and confidence. With a gigantic 1025 sq. in. cooking area, this grill is more than large enough to tackle even the biggest grilling jobs. The grill fires up instantly with Napoleons Jetfire electronic ignition technology is that a quick, easy, and dependable way to get your grilling experience started. Built with elegant and durable stainless steel, this grill is sure to fit in with your existing patio or deck furniture, and impress family and friends. So grab some steaks, and some friends, and let this grill help you create the perfect meals.

  • Temperature Gauge:

    A built in temperature gauge gives you exact readouts of the temperature inside the grill

  • i-Glow Control Knobs:

    Napoleons i-Glow technology gives you confidence in adjusting this grills temperature even in the dark

  • Two (2( Infrared Burners:

    Infrared burners lock in the flavors of your food, and cut down on energy costs by reducing cook time