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Napoleon Prestige Grill w/ Rear Burner

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Napoleon Prestige Grill w/ Rear Burner - Stainless Steel

Cook delicious meals in the great outdoors when you use the Napoleon Prestige Grill w/ Rear Burner (P308RBPSS-7, P308RBNSS-7). This 44,000 BTU grill is powerful enough to cook meals for large groups of people, making it perfect for cooking at birthday parties, neighborhood BBQs, and much more. With a cooking area of up to 483 square inches on three (3) grill burners, you can be sure you'll have enough room to grill and make it easy to cook your entire meal on the grill for a rich, flavorful taste.

As a stainless steel cooking system, it will be hard for this grill to stay dirty because it will be so easy to clean: all you need to do is wipe any stain or smudge away with a clean cloth. The patented Lift Ease roll top lid allows you to easily open the lid to check on your food, and the built-in temperature gauge enables you to keep track of the interior temperature of the grill for accurate monitoring of your food. Four (4) locking rolling casters allow you to move your grill to anywhere you need to, so whenever you aren't using it, you can simply roll it into your storage area to protect it from inclement weather. Ideal for the griller in your family, this outdoor cooker is the thing you want to get them for their next event.

  • Stainless Steel:

    Stainless steel housing enables you to easily clean this grill whenever stains and smudges appear, making it simple to take care of

  • Rolling Casters:

    The four (4) built-in locking casters allow you to move the grill wherever you need to, as well as lock it into place whenever you don't need it to move

  • Large Cooking Area:

    483 square inches of cooking area along three (3) burners enable you to cook large amounts of food for your friends and family with ease