Prestige Grill w/Rear & Side Infrared Burner SS Doors & Lid

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Napoleon Prestige Grill w/Rear & Side Infrared Burner SS Doors & Lid - PRO600RSIBXSS

Experience the pinnacle of grill design and engineering with the Napoleon Prestige Grill w/Rear & Side Infrared Burner SS Doors & Lid (PRO600RSIBPSS, PRO600RSIBNSS). Available in either natural gas, or propane form, this grill brings luxury to the outdoor grill. Built with stunning and durable stainless steel, this grill is stylish, and durability features such as double walled lids and doors ensure that it will stay that way for the long haul. The top lid is built with Napoleon's lift ease technology, and has a cool to the touch tubular handle that allows you to check on your food without worrying about burning your hands. This lid also seals incredibly tight, keeping all of the heat and energy inside of the grill, so that you don't waste energy, and keeps the area around the grill from becoming uncomfortably hot.

This grill utilizes six (6) burners that are positioned front to back, giving you the ability to use each grilling zone independently so that you can cook multiple foods at the optimum temperature. Unique stainless steel sear plates are built in to control flame ups, and help turn food tripping into a zesty barbeque flavor. To further enhance and protect the flavor of your food, infrared heat waves quickly lock in the juices and keep your foods incredibly tender. To give you accurate reading on the condition of your food, a stainless steel temperature gauge with accu-probe, lets you know exactly what temperature it is inside of your grill, so you can be comfortable and confident in cooking even the most specific foods. An infrared rear rotisserie and side sizzle zone give you more cooking options and further enhance the uniqueness of this grill. With stainless steel everything, a temperature gauge, solid floor pedestal with hidden casters, and countless cooking options, this grill is a perfect blend of style and functionality and is sure the enhance your outdoor grilling experience.

  • Stainless Steel:

    With stainless steel everything, this grill is stylish, durable and modern

  • Six (6) Burners:

    Six independently controlled burners give you multiple cooking locations and zones

  • Commercial Quality Rotisserie Kit with Counter Balance:

    A built in Rotisserie kit gives you even further options for grilling and barbequing